Dr. Tom Morgan wrote the book on Volume Practice

Thomas Outler Morgan , D.C. , B.S., FICA (Hon), FPAC (Hon) was born in Cincinnati , Ohio . He grew up in northern Kentucky and became school friends with the King family who were all chiropractors. His father, M.H. (Jack) Morgan was a patient of Dr. 

John King in Covington , Ky. Mr. Morgan broke his leg at an early age and had an unlevel pelvis. Adjustments always helped him and he loved chiropractic and encouraged his son, Tom to be a chiropractor. Young Tom went to Palmer College with one of the King boys - Bill King, and was encouraged by his older brothers Drs. Jack and Joe King to become a chiropractor. He went to Davenport without ever having an adjustment. 

Dr. Morgan's first book Volume Practice, chronicled his professional life and documented his largest day, when he adjusted 400 patients at his clinic in Verona , Mississippi . Later he wrote three more books. Rapid Start - How to start your practice, Chiropractic, The Next One Hundred Years, and The Secrets of a Cash Practice. Dr. Morgan served as a state association president; was on the board of directors of ICA and Life University . He was elected chairman of a state examining board, and was also one of the founders of Life University . Dr. Morgan was a featured speaker at the DE Meetings for over twenty years, and he has lectured at almost every chiropractic college, as well as at many state associations and international seminars. Dr. Morgan teaches his Touch & Tell System worldwide. He is a member of the continuing education faculty at Life University and Palmer College . Dr. Morgan's numerous service awards include Chiropractor of the Year, Consultant of the year and two Fellow diplomates from ICA and the Palmer Academy . As a constant devotee of chiropractic technique, he was trained by Dr. Clay Thompson, Dr. Clarence Gonstead and he was an Activator instructor for 10 years. As great proponent of Life University , he now serves as co-chairperson of Dr. Guy Riekeman's President's Circle. 

Dr. Morgan was the first chiropractor in his family. He and wife Mary Ann have three children who are chiropractors and have their own practices, plus seven other family members who are chiropractors. Mary Ann was Dr. Morgan's office manager and head chiropractic assistant for 28 years. She now does all the written practice analyses, and helps with the Volume Practice Coaching and practice sales. This legacy of healing magnifies the one idea his father had, “that he should go to Palmer and see about this chiropractic”. Before his father's death, just three months short of his ninetieth birthday, he told his son Tom that when he dropped him off in Davenport , he wanted to go right in and enroll himself. Instead, he turned his car around and went back to supporting Tom and his brother's college careers. His dad's idea though, was a seed of his future. BJ Palmer used to say, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”. 

Dr. Morgan's great passion today is to help doctors buy and sell their practices. “I still enjoy coaching and talking to chiropractors everyday, but I have the desire and know how to help doctors reach their goals when buying or selling a practice”. Contact Dr. Morgan today, he will help you: 770 748-6084.

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