Why would I need a Practice Valuation?

•  Selling your practice to determine a market price for the sale               

•  You have or you are bringing on an associate and need to establish a price for buy in or buy out                    

•  You are merging with another practice in your community              

Do I need a Valuation or an Appraisal?  

They actually mean the same thing. They basically create a detailed report that determines the value of your practice.    Appraisal was more frequently used in the past, whereas Valuation has become the more widely accepted term. 

Why choose Premier Practice Consultants for your Valuation?

With nearly 1000 valuations performed over the years we have a deep understanding of the unique elements that bring value to your chiropractic office that a traditional broker, accountant or business consultant will not appreciate or understand in determining an actual market value for your practice. With a team that boasts 100 years of chiropractic experience, we understand the blood, sweat, tears, and money you have invested in building your practice. Part of our valuation is to explain how the market value of your practice is determined for the quickest possible sale. The upfront pricing for our valuations is $795 and this is the most affordable on the market.

Whether you decide to have our team list your practice for sale or you only need a valuation or maybe have a buyer you have obtained on your own and need a valuation and help with the transaction process, Premier Practice Consultants is here for you.

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