Dr. Matthew Davis

Dr. Matthew Davis Dr Matthew Davis grew up in Miami FL where as a child he first experienced the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Suffering from sever migraines, spending days in bed on heavy medication, his mother took him to the chiropractor who eliminated his migraines. Little did he know this life changing profession was going to set the trajectory of his life. He was lucky enough to have a chiropractor that explained the role the nervous system plays in our overall health explaining why his health was returned to him.  He had no doubt the best career for him.

After graduating from Life University in Atlanta, GA he attended his first seminar, “Volume Practice” taught by Dr Tom Morgan. He claims the influence and teachings of Dr Morgan helped create the solid foundation for his chiropractic career. Soon after he began practicing chiropractic in Peachtree City, GA and quickly began to build a thriving practice. He followed and created coaching models that allowed him to duplicate his success over and over. 

In 2009, together with Dr. Randi I Ross, they created a system to help chiropractors organize large community education events called Community Wellness Day. This was the same model just a year before that allowed him to quickly launch his first solo practice in Sharpsburg, GA. It was only natural he wanted to share this process with the chiropractic profession. Together they worked with hundreds of chiropractors over the years to position themselves and their services in the community.

He has enjoyed his time practicing in Georgia but even after many years he could not forget about the warm sun of Florida. When it came time to make the permanent move to Florida it was no surprise that he reached out to Dr. Morgan to sell his Georgia practice. After working together with Dr. Davis on this sale, Dr. Morgan knew he would be the perfect fit to partner with him and join the Personal Chiropractic Consultants team.

After almost 20 years in practice, he found himself inquiring about an office in Naples Florida listed as “free chiropractic office”. The office was located right down the street from his house but was days away from being out of business.  Not one patient was on the books and it was in desperate need of a makeover. Even acquiring this unique practice involved a great amount of decision making elements to navigate through lawyers, landlords, and leases. He followed the success models he used before to quickly create a staple in his community for chiropractic care and education.

Dr. Davis provides a wealth of knowledge on buying and selling chiropractic offices. He has a deep understanding and passion to help chiropractors through this process. He will be here to guide both the buyers and sellers through the entire process including our successful 30 day transition process starting after the closing date.

Contact Dr. Davis today! he will help you!  770 748-6084 Ext #1, DrRandi@PremierPracticeConsultants.com.