Selling Your Practice

Making the decision to sell the practice can often be a difficult one. For some, you have spent decades building a business that you consider like one of your children. You have poured your heart and soul into providing the highest level of care to your community.  For some, it may be a satellite office you have opened and built but are now ready to move on. Everyone has different reasons for selling. Some simply want time and retire, some want to spend more time with family, maybe you are looking to relocate from your current location, others are having a health challenge that renders you unable to continue practicing or maybe you manage an estate of a doctor that has passed away and the practice needs to be sold.


"Was able to find a buyer for my practice within a matter of days, and stayed involved throughout the closing process. A++++ on all scores. Absolutely fantastic group of professionals. Randi and Matt are the best."  ~Brett Messinger NYC


Whatever your reason or need to sell your practice, you are embarking on a process that contains a lot of moving parts and can be difficult to navigate.  That’s where the team at Premier Practice Consultants comes in. We hold your hand and walk with you through the entire process. You are a chiropractor, not a practice sale specialist. We recommend leaving selling the practice to us! The dynamic chiropractic team of Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Morgan, Dr. Matthew Davis and Dr. Randi Ross have been helping doctors buy and sell their practices for years. Together they offer the unique position of over 100 years of collective chiropractic experience and knowledge in the practice, business and sales of chiropractic offices.

Don’t Try To Figure This Out On Your Own...
Your Job Is To Keep Your Practice Going Strong!
Experience counts in practice sales and we can Sell Your Practice!

We do not charge extravagant upfront fees or monthly fees! We charge a flat *7%. We would rather get paid for our services when the practice sells and you get your money! That’s why we work hard for you, if you don’t get paid...we don’t get paid!

Premier Practice Consultants are the only brokers that include 30 days of transition coaching at no additional charge. Transition coaching is critical to the success of your sale for the buyer. This is not written directions or a webinar on how to transition a practice, this is personal 1 on 1 directions for you and your buyer. This coaching ensures the continued success of your buyer. This makes your practice even more attractive to buyers!

When you choose the team of Premier Practice Consultants you get all of us directly, as often as you need us. You will feel like you are a part of our family because that is how you will be treated.  We will treat the sale of your practice as if it were our own. 

So, don't be treated like a client, be treated like family! 

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*Practices that the final selling price is below $100,000.00 requires a 10% commission. Practices that the final selling price is below $50,000.00 requires a 15% commission.