YouTube Channel Development Optimization


YouTube Channel Development OptimizationIn today’s business environment, it is important for you to understand how to use YouTube video properly to impact how your business appears in search, when people are looking for your service.

We find that nearly 90% of business owners do not understand that when using YouTube video to grow your business, Google, when searching for you, cannot hear or see your video. Which means, if you don’t properly populate the information portion of your video, they are pretty much useless.

We know that properly optimizing your videos will have a huge impact on how you come up in search engines. Understand that populating the information portion of your YouTube videos is much more that simply placing a few word in that section to do correctly, which is where most fall short.

William David Company specializes in YouTube channel development, along with development and proper population of the information portion of all your videos to allow you to achieve the greatest outcome.  Remember greater outcomes are equivalent with growth in your business and revenue in your pocket.

Another important thing to remember as a business person or professional, is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  The public, searching for your service, expects you to have a YouTube channel. But maybe even more important than simply having a channel is what they are finding when they go to your YouTube channel.  Do they find custom artwork that represents your business?  Do they find a welcome video to begin to connect with you and your company?  Are your videos organized in detailed playlists? Is there information explaining the service you and your company provide?  What problem do you solve for them, or question do you answer?  Do you look a professional, or are they moving on to someone who does?

We will build all of the elements of you YouTube Channel, or if you already have a channel, we can determine how to improve on what you have already created. From installing your artwork, links, keyword and key-phrase information development, verification, live links, branding, channel welcome video, default information, annotations, and cards just to name a few things to optimize your YouTube channel.

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