The Times They Are A’Changin’

You feel it. I feel it. Everyone feels the changes that seemed to have overwhelmed our lives. The cars we drive have changed as have the homes we live in, the televisions we watch and the phones we use –all of these are very different from what we’ve become used to for so many years.

The way we do business also has changed and although many of these changes have had a positive effect, many of us feel that quite possibly that things have changed a bit too much.  How?  The proliferation of electronic engagement has left many of us starved for something very basic – human interaction.  And even within our business communities we professionals find ourselves longing for personal connection.

Is there a Magic Bullet?

We think there is. And it’s found in the most unusual place. A long look back into the history of business relationships, some as old as 100 years, provides the answer. Relationship Marketing has more than a century of success under its entrepreneurial  belt and understanding and applying of this time tested strategy will assure that your enterprise will be viable for the next 100 years!

Instant Gratification Takes Too Long!

Relationship Marketing, when done properly, employs two important principles. First, you’ll learn that this approach will move your business beyond a short term (and sometimes short-lived) growth spurt toward achieving Long Term Sustainable Growth. This means that the efforts that you make to build your business TODAY, will propel you to greater growth in the years to come. Relationship Marketing is a strategy to help you maximize everything you do!

Three Critical Steps in Relationship Marketing

Using a technique we’ve developed called “The Wish List,” William David staff work with our clients to identify those business relationships we “wish” we had. From the cold call to the handshake to a connection on a social media platform, we teach you how to INITIATE the relationship that matches product or service with the  interested client.

Now it’s time to build bonds of trust between your staff and your clients. Whether the contact is in person, via the telephone or video meeting, getting to know your clients and allowing them to get to know you and your staff is a critical step in the Relationship Marketing process.

We’ve found that nothing is more powerful than meeting in person and simply sharing a meal. Leaders have known for centuries that “breaking bread together” breaks down the emotional walls that separate us from one another.. Sitting together at table creates a level of intimacy that is difficult to achieve under any other circumstances.  A bowl of pasta, a plate of sushi, a latte grande and you’ve begun to cultivate what can become a long term, profitable relationship.  But that’s only the beginning.

Did you enjoy your lunch? If so, remember that special feeling you’ve cultivated with your potential client cannot sustain itself if it happens only once a year.  These annual meetings, often a staple among business professionals, will not place your business at the forefront when an important opportunity arises. Once again a time tested analogy explains it best. Courting. What happens in the courting relationship?  How did you do it? Most of us made initial contact by asking for a date. Maybe it’s drinks, dinner and a movie. Then you ask again and again you share an evening and over time the bonds of trust begin to grow and the relationship blossoms.

Relationship Marketing employs the same principles that are fundamental to relationship building. The staff at William David encourages our clients not to skip steps or slide through. There are no shortcuts around the patience and discipline required to reap the rewards of our process.

In fact Dr. Doug Brown of Post University Business Institute put it best when he said, “The first thing to remember is that people prefer to buy from those they know and trust, and trust is built by establishing genuine relationships – not business transactions.”

Dr. Brown would agree with the William David Company staff that building trust is not an overnight process. Instead long term sustainable business growth is achieved, not only through advertisements and publicity, or social media posts or announcements and commercials, but when Relationship Marketing is the foundation strategy, the return on your investment can be enormous.

Do you want to learn the specifics of applying our concepts to your business?  Click here to contact us and find out more about the the William David Company Relationship Marketing program.


Do you want to learn the specifics of applying our concepts to your business?

Click Here to contact us and find out more about the William David Company Relationship Marketing program.