Your website is the 1st level of contact a client/patient/customer has with you…


website development

website development

16 Seconds- “That’s How Long You Have”: The average person landing on your site will only stay there for 16 seconds if your website does not clearly offer what they are looking for.  That means if you don’t have a properly developed site that understands what your market is looking for, you are loosing money.

People listen to those they like, but do business with those they trust…
The best way to grow your business is to provide value and to establish trust with your potential clients.  With the virtual world often being the  first level of engagement, understanding how to use your website and social medial platform to initiate, cultivate and sustain relationships with those clients is something that is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity, if you plan to survive and thrive in the coming decade.



There’s more to creating an effective website than a website/IT person knows…


Why A Site Manager:

The development of creating an effective website that turns those that visit our site into paying clients is not an easy process.  Most web designers or IT people may make your site look pretty, but they often have little or no knowledge of marketing, so you wind up with a pretty site that does not provide you with any conversion.  Another problem is the time consuming arduous process that developing a site can be.  As website managers, we work directly with you and your designer, creating the perfect team of technical and
 marketing experts.

What We Do:

  • Review Your Content
  • Review Your Images/Videos
  • Assist w/Lead Capture
  • Review Logo/Branding
  • Manage Development w/Designer
  • SEO Optimize
    • Each Page
    • Each Image
    • Google Verification/Site Mapping
      *Note-WordPress Platforms Required
*WordPress SEO by Yoast Required

How We Do It:

We meet with you to understand your needs as well as your business goals. Together we review your content to determine how to effectively position your new website to create an engaging platform, that is easy to navigate and get people to the content they are looking for and convert as many as possible into paying clients.