Wednesday, 8 April 2015 11:54 am EST.

I can’t thank Dr. Ross enough for all that she’s done and all that I’ve learned about effective techniques for bringing what I do to public attention. Dr. Ross is an excellent teacher and mentor who, with confidence and patience, has shown me how to combine multi-media with that all-important personal touch to improve every aspect of my work, maximizing my virtual engagement to reach more people than I could have ever dreamed of.;she has even helped me create my very own App!

Dr. Ross has become our GOTO for almost everything.  On top of managing all of the website and social media platforms, she now heads all of our business development programs, some of which include:
~Packaging, distribution and marketing a documentary that was done of my life story
~Development, production and editing of our online conversion program
~Fundraising for our Radio Rabbi show

Dr. Ross has a unique investment in my success and am sure she will be in yours as well!

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