I met Dr Ross, the CEO of William David Company some time ago when she was selling a family owned property here on Staten Island. At the time we had a company website, which was basic to say the least but virtually no other internet presence. After an initial consultation we decided to go ahead and hire her and her team. Well I have to say it was one of the best decisions I could have made. She did a complete analysis of our business and came up with a game plan to upgrade and add several layers to Our internet marketing. She was patient with my lack of knowledge in this field and took the time to explain every aspect of the plan. Her and her team worked to completely upgrade our existing website to the point we could actually be proud to stear potential clients to. She created and managed our face book business page! She pushed me beyond my comfort zone to record relevant videos to be used in our marketing and she took a personal interest in helping us get to the next level. So if your business is struggling or your just starting out and your goal is also to get to next level, pick up the phone and call!! you will not be disappointed!!!

Hal Blake

We have hired Dr. Ross and the William David Company to develop and manage our offices entire digital presence. She developed our new website, which now has gone from a few hundred visits per month to a few thousand.  We are getting at least 3 times the number of new patients from our website than we did previously.  Dr. Ross has developed and executed all of our social media platforms and programs.  She has single handedly helped us grow our practice by 20%, and the best part about working with Dr. Ross as opposed to some large marketing company where you are simply just another account, is that she is genuinely is invested in your success, and treats your business as if it were her own…something you don’t find anymore!

In the last few months, we have opened a 2nd location in Naples Florida and Dr. Ross managed the build of our website, social media platforms as well as developing a marketing program that has rendered results in just a few short weeks.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is having the time to meet enough people to be able to grow a business. With Dr Randi’s help we were able to pull off, Community Wellness Day, the largest community event our town has ever seen. We met 1000’s of people in our town in one afternoon! The 1st year we had 1200 people, the 2nd year nearly 4000 people showed up.

No one will care about your business as much as Dr. Ross does!

Dr. Matthew Davis

I can’t thank Dr. Ross enough for all that she’s done and all that I’ve learned about effective techniques for bringing what I do to public attention. Dr. Ross is an excellent teacher and mentor who, with confidence and patience, has shown me how to combine multi-media with that all-important personal touch to improve every aspect of my work, maximizing my virtual engagement to reach more people than I could have ever dreamed of.;she has even helped me create my very own App!

Dr. Ross has become our GOTO for almost everything.  On top of managing all of the website and social media platforms, she now heads all of our business development programs, some of which include:
~Packaging, distribution and marketing a documentary that was done of my life story
~Development, production and editing of our online conversion program
~Fundraising for our Radio Rabbi show

Dr. Ross has a unique investment in my success and am sure she will be in yours as well!

Rabbi Barbara Aiello

“As a successful realtor for over 20 years I can tell you that with all the companies I have engaged to help enhance my virtual presence to build my business, no one has come close to what  Dr. Randi and the William David Company has done for me, and taught me. We are now the exclusive agents for one of the largest subdivision developments our area has ever seen.  We are grateful to have Dr. Ross heading up all of our marketing for this project, as we know she will be responsible for increasing our visibility and sales. If you a broker or ready to have your agents stand out from the crowd and finally understand how to maximise your electronic presence, call and get Dr. Randi working for your team!”


Lyra Blumenthal

One of the best choices I have ever made for my business was deciding to work with Randi Ross! From our initial meeting at a networking event, I knew I had finally met the right person who completely understood what my business needed to move it to a level where it should have been. Her expertise in the social media arena was the answer to my marketing deficits that should have been enhanced long ago. Her genuine concern and interest in bringing success to her clients is very apparent, she is the real deal. Randi’s willingness to work within my time constraints, and other matters was very much appreciated. Above all, she gets results: the increase in traffic to our website and phone call inquiries has brought us many new clients at Artisan Studio. She has strategies and advice that can help any business increase sales, a stronger internet presence customer loyalty and more.

Marlene Bohnyak

If you are looking for someone that is going to help you take your business to the next level, without a doubt, Dr. Randi is that person. She absolutely has the best skills you will find anywhere. No one will work harder to do whatever it takes to get the job done to get you where it is you want to go with your business, she really delivers the goods. Dr. Randi Ross has the ability to turn you into a superstar in your business and thats really all that matters!

Dr. Alan Weinstein

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Dr. Ross is a tireless and inspirational professional who brings the highest levels of quality combined with efficiency and effectiveness to everything she is involved with. I hired Dr. Ross to develop my web based/electronic programs. Her company has consistently delivered above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Ross and the William David Company, are  truly a ten out of ten.

Dr. Tammy Cashion

“In my 30 years in the profession I have never seen or participated in a program as organized and effective at reaching the community as Community Wellness Day! The program Dr.Randi teaches helps healthcare, business owners and professionals engrain themselves into their community on a platform large enough to reach the masses with a easy step by step system. Anyone wishing to organize the largest community event, build relationships, educate the public, open doors that may never be open, and position themselves for enormous growth, needs to check this out! “

Dave Mager

“Our Community Wellness Day event was incredible!

Thank you Dr. Randi Ross for helping to put this awesome program together, it made the process so easy to follow and I can’t wait until next year!!  The strategies we learned during the Community Wellness Day process will also be SO useful for all of our other external marketing programs. Please checkout this program!”

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Drs. Dane Donohue & Jerry Agasar of Newtown Pennsylvania

“Working with Dr. Ross is amazing. Although I always wanted to host a community event, I never felt that it was something I could do. My event rocked! We had 100’s of people, made great community relationships, everyone had a blast.

I hosted my event in a baseball stadium. Following my event, I was invited to throw the first pitch. Talk about tons of free media coverage! My large sponsors joined me on the field and we had a blast. I have become a hero in my town! Everyone reading this:You need to do Community Wellness Day!”

Because we developed such a huge level of trust and respect for Dr. Ross.  In 2015 we hired her to help us with a number of problems we had encountered with search.  She was able to pin point the issues that were causing our situations and implemented a plan for us to not only fix the problems but also help us elevate our virtual/digital marketing to allow us to achieve greater outcomes to grow the practice.  I would highly recommend you working with Dr. Ross.

Dr. Paula Newmark

Dr. Anthony Macioce-When Community Wellness Day says that their coaching will provide unprecedented support and opportunities for their members, THEY MEAN IT! From media coverage, educational opportunities, connections to prominent local resources, mastermind sessions…the possibilities are ENDLESS. Partnering with Community Wellness Day will help you deliver your message more powerfully and more far-reaching than you ever thought possible! Give your community the event that will change their lives…give them Community Wellness Day

Dr. Anthony Macioce

“Hosting Community Wellness Day was a rewarding experience. It served as a platform for our university to make a difference in our community. It also provided students with valuable education tools while stressing the importance of community service. We look forward to next year’s event and feel that the support Dr. Ross and her team provided will continue to make our event a success”.

Lisa A. DeMarco

Assistant Professor D’Youville College
Faculty Advisor for Community Wellness Day

“There is no service, product, or marketing strategy that can meet the challenges we face as business owners, like Community Wellness Day. This is true whether you are a newer in business or established. By following the simple framework Dr. Randi laid out, I have established myself as a Wellness leader in my community, gained credibility and visibility with over 100 local business leaders and organizations, as well as 100’s of local residents.
I could go on forever about the growth I have seen not only in my practice, but also personally. Community Wellness Day is a win-win all around for your community and your business. Your friends, neighbors, and communities NEED you to step up. Let me assure you – if I could do this all by myself, then you absolutely can do it too. It’s time to think and act big!”

Dr. Ammitai Worob of Ithaca NY

Click here to find out what Dr. Steve says about Community Wellness Day!

Dr. Steve Hoffman

Speaker/Coach Co-Creator of “The System”

Dianna Williams, Community Outreach Specialist for Children’s Environmental Health United States Environmental Protection Agency,


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Community Wellness Day. I am still telling my colleagues about the great experience that I had this weekend. It was very well organized and I look forward to being a part of it next year. “

Dianna Williams