resized_125x144_Dr-Randi-headshot_1As a child I looked forward to days off from school, but not for the usual reasons. For me a school holiday meant that I could go to work with my dad. That was more than 40 years ago but I’ve never forgotten the lessons I learned back then. By watching my father interact with customers and clients I saw firsthand how important it is that businessmen (and women) build trusting relationships, and from those personal relationships, business trust is born.(read full story).

Throughout my growing up years I assumed that when the time came I would go into business with my dad, but “life happens while we’re making other plans,” and my life took an interesting turn that a first glance seemed to be far afield from my business dream.

In 1988 I graduated from New York Chiropractic College but unlike many of my colleagues who became associates in existing healthcare practices, I chose to open my very own office. I thought it would be easy but little did I know that even after all those years in college and professional school, the fact that I had had no instruction in running a business would come around to bite me in the “tusch!”

With intuition as my guide, I made the same choice my businessman father had made 40 years before – I opened my practice in Besonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. After all wasn’t it Brooklyn that had the best bread, the best pizza, the Brooklyn Dodgers and Coney Island, too? Now Brooklyn would have the amazing Dr. Randi I Ross. What could go wrong?

Shortly I discovered that there were few successful practice models that a “newbie” like myself could follow. For women who wanted to succeed in business, there were even fewer resources. Quickly I understood that if I were to survive, and become a small business authority, I would have to blaze a new trail. It was then that I realized that “new” wasn’t what I needed. Instead I could employ the “old” methods that I learned from those days spent with Dad to create a business model based upon what my Dad did best – relationship marketing.

At the outset I built my practice upon a foundation of that included community-based programming – a fancy way of stating what my father knew intuitively – that people need to get to know you and trust you so that they can feel comfortable doing business with you. With Dad’s words as my guide, Relationship Marketing was born.

As time went by friends, colleagues and other professionals observed my success and began referring to me as a small business authority, and asked if I would be willing to help them do the same. I was happy to share my program with them as their business coach. I continued my chiropractic career, meeting and caring for many families, including a host of New York celebrities. Later on I expanded into the field of wellness consulting and began working with individual clients as well as businesses, organizations and community groups.

A life-threatening pregnancy brought me to another fork in the road. After giving birth to Felicia, my beautiful daughter, I sold my chiropractic practice and although I knew his were big shoes to fill, I put on my father’s shoes and stepped out into the world of business consulting.

At first I was head of a sales team of one of the largest distributors of equipment to wellness providers in the entire northeastern sector of the US. I loved my work and I found that indeed I was my father’s daughter – I, too loved making those cold calls! In fact, when people were rude to me I loved it even more. I’d break into my biggest smile, wish them a Fantastic day and in my head I’d say, “That you for allowing me the opportunity to practice my pitch.”

FeliciaItaly-(1)With every encounter I became more determined and more polished in my presentation, not to mention that each encounter also taught me the value of patience in building relationships – the only way, Dad said, to grow a business. Ultimately I returned to the business model I knew so well which led to the work that I do today – teaching clients the techniques that lead to Long Term Sustainable Growth by employing relationship marketing strategies.

Today I show my clients that if they understand the basics of initiating, cultivating and sustaining trusting relationships anyone can grow a business. I demonstrate how easy it is to squeeze every ounce of growth from a program that moves far beyond the instant gratification of immediate effects. It is my pleasure and privilege to offer my clients a strategy TODAY that will serve them well for DECADES as they learn to make their businesses adapt and grow. My work with business owners includes strategies for positioning yourself as the “Go To” authority to whom customers turn as their foremost authority.

So where am I today? You’ll find me and my daughter, Felicia on the Jersey Shore – an area we’ve called home for 15 years. Incidentally Felicia is following in the family footsteps. Business minded herself, Felicia is a pro at video editing, Instagram, Twitter and other technical projects.

As for myself, I offer you a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to assist you in zero-ing in on your business’s pivotal moment and maximize business growth at just the right time. Over the years I’ve noticed something very important. Where business growth is concerned, no one does what I do and no one knows what I know

Here’s the deal; I love what I do,and I would love the opportunity to see how I can help you finally achieve and exceed your business goals!

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