“One of the biggest challenges we all face is having the time to meet enough people to be able to grow a business. With Dr Randi’s help we were able to pull off, Community Wellness Day, the largest community event our town has ever seen. We met 1000’s of people in our town in one afternoon! The 1st year we had 1200 people, the 2nd year nearly 4000 people showed up. No one will care about your business as much as Dr. Ross does!”

~Dr. Matthew Davis

A Community Health Program is very, very simple; it is hosting a community event to cement your presence in your community and position yourself to increase your visibility and credibility in the process. Our program shows you how to effectively develop relationships in your community so you can become the best and most well know of your business or specialty.  Its what everyone normally does, or at least should be doing; meeting people, telling them what you do, telling them your story, getting them to be clients/customers/patients, so, you are simply already doing this, just on a 1 on 1 bases.

A community health program is a microcosm of what we already agreed you are doing, but on a giant scale all at one time.  In other words instead of spending the next year or 2 or 10, trying to build relationships to build your business, we are going to do it all at once in a big event that brands you and makes you most well know.

“There is no service, product, or marketing strategy like Community Wellness Day!”

~A. Worob DC

Untitled-1Now remember, you have to do this anyway, your choice is 1 client here or 1 client there or doing something so big that it will give your business enough energy to carry it for at least a year.  It will literally put you on the map by cementing you in the community as that go to person for information, and the things that will come your way will literally build your business for years to come.  Thats really what it is. A community health program gives you long term sustainable growth that will serve your business for years if not decades. Its always leveraging and maximizing your efforts, thats what this program is all about.

No matter how you are currently doing it its all about getting out into the community to build relationships with either individuals, groups, agencies and so on. Remember, don’t think this is something out of the ordinary for you, whether you do a community health program or not, you are gonna need to be doing the exact same things that our program provides a foundation for-the difference is the impact you achieve by doing it all in one day.

“My Community Wellness Day rocked, I have become a hero in my town!”

~Paula N DC

Now we said before that this is what you need to be doing, but what you don’t need to do is reinvent the wheel, figure it out on your own… Thats what we have done.  This is an add water and stir program. After hundreds of events throughout the US, Canada and Australia, we know what works and what doesn’t work.  If a challenge arises, you don’t have to worry, as we say, “There are no problems, because we always have an alternative solution for you.” It is a turnkey proven system that will create opportunities for you and open doors for you that we guarantee you will never find any other way.

Whether you are a doctors office, realtor, company, corporation, hospital, college, government agency, religious institution or any other community entity, Community Wellness Day is for you!
So, now you are ready to host Community Wellness Day in your town, what’s next?

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