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I’m going to be bringing you all that I have each time I am hosting. no fluff-all meat and potatoes. It’s all about what are the important things that you need to be doing to reach your business goals, in a step by step instructions that anyone and everyone can follow-I am literally going to hold your hand and walk you through each and every process! ~Dr. Ross

Relationship Marketing-It Will Make or Break Your Business


Relationship marketing has 2 roads, Locally and Virtually.

This week we will be addressing Locally, meaning directly in your community. I have great tools that you can put into action immediately for relationship marketing directly in your backyard.

You will learn the Relationship Marketing “Proven Success Formula”

  • Why you NEED to be doing this

  • Who you NEED to be connecting with

  • How you NEED to connect with them

  • Where you can connect with them

  • What you need to DO and NOT during a meeting

  • Follow Up strategies that work

Understanding How Critical Initiating/Cultivating & Sustaining Virtual Relationships Are To Your Success

On this weeks show we addressed the virtual part of relationship marketing. Today, more than ever before, most relationships with new business is initiated virtually.  Even if someone refers a friend or family member to you, before they call to make that appointment they will google you and check you out.  Do you really understand what you appear like virtually???

You will learn the Virtual World Relationship Marketing “Proven Success Formula”

  • What you need to look like virtually

  • What you need to be saying virtually

  • How often you need to be saying it

  • Why what you do virtually can be critical

  • What you do not want to do virtually

  • Follow Up virtual strategies

Reviews or Testimonials…, That Is the Question????????

This week we will be addressing another one of those critical “Virtual” elements that play a major role in the success and growth of your business. Whether you like it or not, one of the things that drive people to select “YOU” to provide the services you offer is what others are saying.  As a culture we have become dependant on the opinions of others that have used your service, to help us make decisions.  Understanding the importance of this element as well has how to effectively manage it to provide the greatest outcomes for growth is what we will be addressing.  

  • What are Reviews & Testimonials?

  • Should I be getting Reviews OR Testimonials for my business?

  • How do I get Reviews & Testimonials?

  • How to manage negative Reviews.

  • Why you need Reviews?

  • Will the importance of Reviews be changing over time?

There’s no fluff here..this will be all meat and potatoes! So show up, get your pad and pencil ready, because what I am going to share with you-you’ll be able to implement immediately!